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Mobility Vehicles

Whatever your age or disability, a Mobility Vehicle will provide you with a remarkable level of independence and freedom. If you’re looking for a drive-from chair vehicle or one with a lift or ramp, we will be able to provide you with a vehicle that will meet your requirements at a price you can afford.

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Drive From Chair

To cater to the needs of chair users who, despite being disabled, are still perfectly able to drive, we offer a range of drive-from-chair vehicles. This would be suitable for those customers who have suffered amputations or lost the use of their lower limbs yet still want to retain their independence.

Safety & Security

All chairs are held down by full security straps. These usually come in the form of two electro-reel belts which are attached to the base of the chair when it is still outside the vehicle and ratchet in as the occupant enters, with two further straps securing the rear of the chair. In addition, every wheelchair user will also have their own fully adjustable seatbelt.

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Mobility Vehicles are generally fitted with either lifts or ramps. Lifts are usually limited to larger vehicles and are able to raise the chair user to entry level with the use of a remote control. Ramps, though shallow, will often be fitted with a winch system designed to help those responsible for loading the chair users.

Guidance & Reliability

When you find the vehicle from Dan Seaman Motors that is right for you, Liam will assist you with the Government grants and allowances available to you for disabled drivers and passengers. As well as receiving a warranty with your new vehicle, it will be fully serviced and will have completed the N.C.T upon delivery.

Our Mobility Vehicles

Free Home Demonstration

To begin your journey with us, our Mobility Vehicle Specialists can visit your home to give you a full demonstration free of charge and without any obligation. Having discussed your requirements,we will visit you with a vehicle most suited to your needs. If you would prefer to view the full range of mobility vehicles we have in stock you can also arrange an appointment to visit us in our fully covered showroom on Forge Hill, Airport Road, Cork.

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