New Jeep® Avenger embodies the brand values of Freedom, Adventure, Authenticity and Passion 
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New Jeep® Avenger embodies the brand values of Freedom, Adventure, Authenticity and Passion 

  • Jeep® brand unveils a new web series released on the Jeep brand’s official YouTube channels, portraying the new Jeep Avenger’s journey through a set of four videos narrating real people stories.

  • Four characters, each embodying one of the brand values of Freedom, Adventure, Authenticity and Passion, are the main protagonists of each episode.

  • The new Jeep Avenger is the brand's first all-electric SUV and is now available also as an e-Hybrid version. It blends impressive technical features and capability with respect for the environment, perfectly encapsulating the brand’s four values.
The Jeep® brand was born more than 80 years ago during times of dire strain, and as a result, its identity was forged based on the four values of: freedom, adventure, authenticity, and passion. These are the universal values that define what the Jeep Brand is today, and which continue to guide the brand’s path towards the future.The new Avenger – the first-ever fully electric Jeep vehicle – is intended to stand out and reflect those brand's values.
Unveiled a year ago, at the Paris Motor Show, the new Jeep Avenger, combines modernity and legacy, thanks to technologies that ensure superior capability without compromising environmental sustainability, and a compact yet spacious design that embodies the brand's essence in an ambitious vehicle, developed based on the brand's blueprint values: Freedom, Adventure, Authenticity and Passion.
To showcase these attributes, the Jeep brand is currently distributing a new web series made up of four one-minute video episodes posted on YouTube. Each episode will revolve around one of the brand's four core values and will feature authentic and personal anecdotes from four Italian protagonists who take viewers on a journey to discover what the Jeep brand communicates through its vehicles, in line with the aspirations and ambitions of those who choose to trust their Jeep SUV.
The initial episode takes viewers to the sky with Sandro Beni, in search of the meaning of Freedom (Link). As a parachutist, Sandro finds an indescribable sense of freedom in being one with his surroundings and feeling connected to nature. A feeling that the Jeep brand aims to ensure and prioritize owners, thanks to the new Avenger's environmental focus. Equipped with a 400-volt electric motor and a 54kWh battery, the new 100% electric Avenger blends high performance with zero carbon emissions. To provide the freedom that drivers desire, the Jeep brand has equipped its first 100% electric SUV with a 100kW fast charger, allowing for a minimum distance of 30 km after just three minutes of charging, and a battery recharge of 20% to 80% in just 24 minutes.
The second episode focuses on Adventure (Link) and is set in the captivating mountainous surroundings of “Gole della Valserra” in Umbria. It showcases Szilvia Rados as the leading character, a 44-year-old woman who loves to explore the beauty of nature. She explains her understanding of adventure, which can be compared to the feeling of falling in love, as it accelerates the heartbeat and evokes unique emotions. She demonstrates why her Avenger is an essential travel partner, from its built-in navigation system  - including the smartphone wireless screen mirroring to set map instructions - to its technical capabilities like the "Selec-Terrain®" and "Hill Descent Control" features, which makes the driving experience even safer and more enjoyable, enabling her to access destinations that bring her to life despite the harsh conditions, driving along unpaved roads in the same way that she handles the precipitous lines of the canyon.
One of the Jeep brand's most prominent values, undoubtedly, is Authenticity, which has its roots in a long-standing tradition that stems from being the pioneer of the 4x4 SUV, allowing "the beauty of the idea to become reality", quoting Umberto Dattola, the designer involved in the third episode of the series (Link). The 53-year-old man gives viewers an exclusive insight into his profession as he takes them on a tour of his workshop, demonstrating his dedication to excellence and his reverence for nature. He transforms raw materials into something unparalleled and truly remarkable, which matches the Jeep brand's commitment to quality and the work ethic of the brand, as expressed by the designer of the new Avenger, Daniele Calonaci, who is the co-protagonist in the episode.
Last, but not least, viewers are taken to Rome where they meet Francesca Santamaria (Link), a contemporary dancer, and the protagonist of the episode dedicated to Passion. She explained this value as “the driving force of everything”, a point of view completely shared by the Jeep brand. Through the streets of Rome, Francesca drives the new Avenger smoothly and following her playlist’s rhythm and passion, she reaches the dance hall. This shows how the vehicle and its driver can form a deep connection, helping her in everyday life thanks to the new Avenger’s technology, which includes the multi-color ambient light and a rear view camera with drone view, and allows integrated voice assistance of the phone through  Android Auto and CarPlay, thereby reflecting the screen of the smartphone on the 10.25-inch Uconnect Infotainment radio screen that is combined with a complete digital cluster. Additionally, the hands-free boot opening is a crucial convenience for the young dancer, with the new Jeep Avenger proving to be a great supporter of her passion.
The series leads viewers on a new Jeep Avenger journey through four core values, showcasing real-life stories of people who contribute to the brand’s purpose every day. These are the same people who share their dreams and ambitions with the brand, demonstrating that Jeep SUVs are made for ambitious people who follow their dreams. 
The new AvengerThe Jeep Avenger, 2023 European Car of the Year, is a compact SUV and embodies the essence of the Jeep brand, combining capability, style, functionality, and technology into a unique package. It represents the epitome of "pure freedom in a compact form," delivering the renowned performance of the Jeep brand in various conditions, whether on the road or off-road. The new Avenger is available in three different powertrains – 100% electric, e-Hybrid and gasoline - in line with the brand's enduring commitment to the freedom of choice and provide customers with the flexibility to make the best choice according to their needs.
The 100% electric version features a 400-volt electric motor, providing a worry-free range of up to 600 km according to WLTP standards for city driving. Additionally, its fast-charging capability offers a daily range boost of 30 kilometers in just three minutes.The e-Hybrid version also offers a seamless driving experience, combining electric and combustion engine technologies. The car's performance is enabled by a 1.2-liter, 3-cylinder combustion engine, a 48-volt lithium-ion battery, and an automatic 6-speed dual-clutch electric gearbox. The car is engineered for optimal fuel efficiency, resulting in a 15% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to conventional automatic transmission engines.The gasoline version is equipped with a 1.2-litre petrol engine capable of developing a maximum power output of 100 horsepower at 5500 rpm, and torque of 205 Nm at 1750 rpm, with 6-speed manual gearbox. 
Jeep® BrandBuilt on more than 80 years of legendary heritage, Jeep® is the authentic SUV brand that delivers legendary off-road capability, interior refinement, high-tech features, and versatility to people who seek extraordinary journeys. The Jeep® brand delivers an open invitation to live life to the fullest by offering a broad portfolio of vehicles that continues to provide owners with a sense of safety and security to handle any journey with confidence. Jeep® Wave, a premium owner loyalty and customer care program that is available to the entire Jeep® 4x4 lineup, is filled with benefits and exclusive perks to deliver Jeep® brand owners the utmost care and dedicated 24/7 support. The legendary Jeep® brand’s off-road capability is enhanced by a global electrification initiative that is transforming 4xe into the new 4x4 in pursuit of the brand’s vision of accomplishing Zero Emission Freedom and added 4x4 capability. All Jeep® brand vehicles will offer an electrified variant by 2025.