Jeep® Avenger Orders Reach 40,000 Units, Driving Up Brand’s B-SUV Share in Europe
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Jeep® Avenger Orders Reach 40,000 Units, Driving Up Brand’s B-SUV Share in Europe

  • Fully electric Jeep® Avenger, 2023 European Car of the Year, records over 40,000 orders in Europe since launch
  • Avenger sales accelerate in the last three months due to deliveries starting in more European markets
  • Jeep Avenger and Renegade sales drive up the brand’s market share of the B- SUV segment with a 33.5% percent increase, volumes up to almost 60%, versus industry growth of 12.8% 
  • Electrification growth continues as Jeep brand market share in European B-SUV LEV segment reaches 10.6%, with an almost 50% market share in Italy
  • Italian market also achieves strong performance on Renegade sales, with 7.9% of segment share versus 7.5% last year 
The all-electric Jeep® Avenger is driving the Jeep brand’s growing presence in the highly-competitive B-SUV segment in the European market. The European Car of the Year 2023 has now received over 40,000 customer orders since its launch at the Paris Auto Show last year.
Fueled by Avenger sales in the period between January and August of this year, the Jeep Brand sales within the B-SUV segment increased by 33.5% compared with last year which corresponds to an increase of volumes of 60% versus segment industry growth of 12.8%. Over the last three months, the first delivery of the Jeep Avenger in several more markets has contributed to the brand’s sales growth in the segment.
The commercial momentum of the Jeep Avenger has been complemented with a broad industry recognition for the brand’s first all-electric SUV.  Designed and produced as a Jeep vehicle from day one, the Jeep Avenger has already accumulated 10 industry awards, including 2023 European Car of the Year, Best Family SUV in the 2023 Women’s World Car of the Year and Electric Car of the Year in the Top Gear UK Awards.
Over 40 percent of confirmed customer orders for the Avenger are for the BEV version, a testament to customers’ growing interest in the all-electric version of the Jeep Avenger.
The success of the new Jeep Avenger has also been accompanied by strong sales momentum of the Jeep Renegade, which is keeping pace with the volume achieved last year, with more than 32,000 units registered vs 31,705 in the same period of 2022.
Eric Laforge, Head of Jeep Brand in Europe, said: “The Jeep Avenger has been designed to perfectly fit the needs of European customers and this is proven by the impressive results that the Avenger is achieving all over Europe.  The success of the Jeep Avenger is being compounded by the strong sales momentum of the Jeep Renegade, which is up year over year, showcasing that the two vehicles complement each other by offering two completely different, eco-friendly and compelling product alternatives in the highly competitive B-SUV market.”
The Avenger and Renegade are two complementary vehicles that are also driving the Jeep brand’s growth in the B-SUV LEV segment. In Europe, Jeep ranks fifth with a market share in the SUV segment of 10.6% (versus 9.6% last year) while in Italy, the Brand is overwhelming the segment with 49.9% market share.
Also in Italy, the Renegade is still one of customers’ favorites and is showing strong sales. It is dominating the B-SUV segment with 7.9% market share compared to 7.5% last year, and the brand’s percentage jumps to 11.4% when combined with the 3.5% market share of the Avenger. Furthermore, the Jeep brand is also achieving strong results in Germany, Spain, Poland, and the Netherlands with a double-digit market share percentage.
All Electric Jeep AvengerThe Avenger packs the Jeep brand DNA into a compact SUV with a unique combination of capability, style, functionality, and technology. A pure expression of “concentrated freedom”, the Avenger offers the Jeep brand’s trademark performance in a compact form to guarantee peace of mind in all conditions, both on- and off-road. The new electric powertrain includes a unique 400-volt electric motor to offer a stress-free range of up to 400 km WLTP and up to 550 km in city driving, and its fast-charging capability provides drivers with their daily dose of energy of 30 kilometers in just three minutes.
Four trim levels are available on the Jeep Avenger, and each one has a specific mission: Avenger  the new adventurer, Longitude  the embodiment of the cool side of capability, Altitude – more technology and exclusiveness and Summit  a manifesto of freedom. According to data, customers have chosen the two highest trim levels (Altitude & Summit) on 80% of the Jeep Avenger units sold. The preferred color is Vulcan (black) with 30% of the total sales.
Jeep RenegadeA customer favorite in the B-SUV segment, the Jeep Renegade blends unmatched off-road capabilities with dimensions and styling that are perfect for enjoying the city lifestyle. Renegade is the vehicle for short trips in town thanks to its agility and handling features, but also the ideal SUV to discover new trails. Jeep Renegade is available in a 4xe Plug-in Hybrid version which combines the Turbo T4 with a powerful electric engine for better performance and total comfort. 
All data are referred to EU29 perimeter - YTD August 2023
Turin, September 26, 2023